We are The Happiness Collective
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We are The Happiness Collective

As teenagers, our bedrooms were our sanctuary, our walls a gallery of our personalities, passions and dreams. Whether it was a Spice Girls poster, our fav football team or polaroids with our best mates, our walls were a trip down memory lane, a visual escape, a canvas for self expression.

Nothings changed. Our walls can still be a place for self expression, for escape, they are still our sanctuary. As our tastes have matured, and art has become more elusive than a Tupac poster from a magazine blu-tacked to the wall, it is much harder to find beautiful affordable individual artwork for our homes. 
During the pandemic, it became increasingly clear how the walls in our house could provide calm, sanctuary, escapism and ultimately happiness. 

As a group of friends and photographers who, during this time, took lock down as an opportunity to organize our film negatives, and after receiving so many requests from other friends for a solution for this wall pandemic, we realized that we could perhaps turn our negatives, into something positive! 

And so The Happiness Collective was born!

A new concept. 

A mindful, affordable, fine art print brand selling beautiful, framed, limited edition art from a global collective of like minded photographers all wanting to spread happiness through imagery. 

Framed and shipped straight to your door, ready to hang, for happy walls and happy minds :) 

Be Happy :)